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The C-PR&P held its 18th meeting on 7 December 2009 at New Delhi, India. Central Office has published the revised and updated edition of ICID’s Multilingual Technical Dictionary as CD-ROM. In addition to English and French, the Dictionary also incorporates three additional languages, viz. Chinese, Japanese and Russian, with the possibility of adding more languages as and when the translations in other languages are available. The other feature of this version is that it is web enabled, whereby any additions, modifications etc. can be done through the web only and downloaded by the users automatically when connected to web.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of ICID, the Central Office has also brought out a CD-ROM entitled ‘ICID@60’ providing historical background of Commission’s activities during the last 60 years.

The Committee selected the new name of the ICID Newsletter as “ICID News”. It was further agreed that the Monthly News Update be published online only. This will also enable inclusion of more photos and outlay in color. Depending upon necessity, the number of pages can be increased.

PH Bart Schultz asked that the Annual Report (AR) may also include statistics on drainage besides irrigated area. He further suggested that the quality of the design and printing of the AR should be good, noting that this document is an important publication as it provides information on ICID activities comprehensively to other water related organizations.

PH Bart Schultz suggested that the ICID presentations and Topic 2.3 Report made during World Water Forum-5 be prepared for distribution with a printed summary and a CD including the full presentations. He further suggested that to look for outside publisher for selected ICID publications, such as the Inter-Basin Water Transfer document that is under finalisation.

It was suggested that ICID may cooperate with Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) to market ICID publications in India who are promoting and selling their publications effectively. Mr. Sharma, Secretary noted that the ICID website continues to be updated. PH Peter Lee reported that he has received very positive comments about the quality of the website.